Ruvimbo Special School started in Mbare as Mbare Centre with
about 60 children. The School then was moved to the current
premises and was officially opened by the then
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare and Health Mr I.D. Mclean
on the 9th of August 1971.

The move was necesitated by the increase in the number of children who were mentally and physically challenged.
The school is situated at the end of Birmingham road extension in Southerton. The school`s catchment areas are in Mbare, Highfield, Glen Norah, Glen View, Budiriro, Mufakose, Kambuzuma, Rugare and Southerton Currently the school has an enrolment of 101 children.

The teaching staff compliment is 15, non -teaching staff of 10 and 6 project participants who do the general work. Ruvimbo Special School caters for children with autism, down`s syndrome, microcephaly, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, hyper-activity and epilepsy. Over the years the school has enrolled children with disabilities from ages six to twenty two years.

The education of children with disabilities in Zimbabwe takes little priority. Children with disabilities are the most marginalised group of children in the country. The school has been providing a great learning environment for children with disabilities


To be leaders in the education and care of children
with intellectuals challenges
We aspire to provide high quality Special Education
so as to develop self reliant, independent,
socially acceptable and well integrated
individuals by teaching, training, communication
socialisation, occupation, self help and basic
academic functional skills to enrich the lives of all
the mentally and physically challenged children
at Ruvimbo


  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Commitment
  • Team Work
  • Professionalism
  • Diligence
  • Empathy





We lead others follow


Feeding Programme

The school provides breakfast and lunch to the pupils. This is
particularly helpful to pupils who are on medication and require
meals with their prescriptions


Children are picked up and dropped off at designated stops by
the school bus

Speech and Physio-therapy

Children are assessed and picked for speech therapy which helps
them improve their communication and language. The school has
a range of equipment used for physio therapy however owing to
financial constraints we presently do not have a therapist to
conduct sessions

Provision of pre-vocational skills

The school provides pre-vocational skills to students for practical classes between fifteen and twenty two years of age. The main objective for this is to promote the inclusion of disabled persons in the labour force.

The skills are given in the form of practical lessons and career guidance seminars as preparations for employment. The students are taught how to dress for work, time management, how to greet others in the workplaces as well as having confidence despite their disabilities

The pre-vocational activities at the school include:

Gardening – Here pupils are taught to do some gardening which will help them in their life after school Cooking – Children are taught basic cookery and to look after cooking utensils
Computers – Computer literacy is also a pre-requisite at the school. Children learn basic computer skills
Sewing – Some children are taught basic sewing where they can sew bed sheets, pillow cases, skirts and other small items
Sporting Activities – We train and compete with other schools in the following disciplines: athletics, netball, volleyball, soccer, tag rugby, percussion and traditional dancing, drama and dance therapy


Providing high quality and inclusive special education to children living with disabilities

Ruvimbo Special School thrives to ensure that students enrolled at the school receive high quality and inclusive special education
The school uses an Individualised Education Plan on each student outlining academic and behavioral goals, teaching methods being used on the student as well as methods of evaluating their performance. We train the children to do simple mathematics and to communicate in simple English and Shona language. We also continue to instill social skills and grooming at this level

Income Situation of Surrounding Community

Most of our children come from single mothers, widows and very few have both parents alive but most of them are not employed. A few do vending for the livelihood and as such most of our students come from very poor socio-economic backgrounds


Developing a self-reliant independent and socially acceptable individual

The school functions to develop a self reliant, independent and socially acceptable individual. This is achieved through training of living skills such as toilet training, brushing teeth, eating properly, dressing and undressing, managing personal possessions and making independent transissions within the classroom and the school. These self help, living skills are taught from three year olds ie ECD up to twenty two year olds


The  school  embarks  on  a  number  of  income  generating  projects  to  supplement  and  compliment  its  income  and  resources  for  the  School  Feeding  Programme. We  have  a  viable  poultry  project  for  layers  and  broilers. We  also  have  a  greenhouse  where  we  produce  big  quality  tomatoes  and  other  horticultural  products. In  the  open  garden  we  also  grow  vegetables  and  onions. We  also  are  doing  Fish  farming  and  rabbit  keeping. We  are  about  to  start  detergents  making  as  soon  as  resources  permit.

Ruvimbo Special School

We are situated behind Harare Central Hospital at the end of Birmingham Road Extension

Should you wish to contact us, our address is:


P.O. BOX ST 189





+263 242 667 470 / +263 242 292 205

+263 733 341 878 / +263 776 004 382